What Will It Happen to Earth if Seeds go Crazy? A Conversation About the 'Bank of the Migrating Germplasm’ | Contini | Visual Ethnography
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What Will It Happen to Earth if Seeds go Crazy? A Conversation About the 'Bank of the Migrating Germplasm’

Leone Contini, Cecilia Guida


The conversation is mainly investigating conceptual and methodological aspects of the artwork The Bank of the Migrating Germplasm (2016) developed by the artist Leone Contini for the second edition of the program Connective Residency at Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto (curated by Cecilia Guida and Juan Sandoval). The bank is built on the relations, the stories and the moments of conviviality and dialogue with local actors, including the temporary guests of the asylum seekers centers near Biella. It’s a paradoxical device, able to record social interactions in the form of foreign seeds from displaced gardens, created by migrants for migrants, and scattered around Biella and beyond its territory, in many other Italian regions.


Experience; Community; Migration; Participatory Art Practice; Anthropology

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12835/ve2017.2-0093


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