Art and Civil Action. Cultural Organizations in the European Civil Domain | Gielen | Visual Ethnography
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Art and Civil Action. Cultural Organizations in the European Civil Domain

Pascal Gielen, Thijs Lijster


In this article, the place of new cultural organizationsin the civil domain is analysed. The authors describe a theoretical model that they call the ‘civil
chain’, describing the different phases in which civil organizations develop themselves. The civil chain delivers analytic insights into the origin of
typical problems of contemporary civil actions and movements, such as the sustainability of civil organizations and the globalization of the public
sphere. Using this theoretical model in two casestudies (Les Têtes de l’Art in Marseille and Culture 2 Commons in Zagreb), they demonstrate how cultural
practices and artistic tools play an increasingly important role in civil practices, which are becoming more and more hybrid.


Civil Action; Public Sphere; Cultural Organizations; Europe; Cultural Politics

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